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One Night Alive is out and PWYW, but if you really W, the best way to do it is by pledging allegiance our righteous cause via the subscribe button.

No Rlly. This is our 2017 grand experiment. It could go horribly wrong but we're kinda done being cynicial. Our first release of the year is out, we have a second recorded, and a third written. We've been planning this cult for a while, but some of you amazing people have been buying our shiz for 10 years now so we hope you'll trust us for this one.

So here we are, the balls of Amanda Palmer and the ethics of fanzine punx. £20 plz. Yr not so much buying songs, as sponsoring us; helping us pay for the room rent and upkeep and production of which songs are the result. All monies get fed back into band and let us plan further adventures with more safety and scope than we could afford of our own backs.

Here is a list of +s and -s we put together:

- Recieve digital copies of every song we've bandcamped, are bandcamping, and will bandcamperise: that's two previous EPs, our current mini concept record "One Night Alive", the 2 further EPs we have planned this year, and a bunch of exclusive new songs and covers we'll be peppering you and only you with as we go.

- A lovely DIYsleeved CD compiling this year's 3 releases when the third one drops.

- 20% discount off all future merch (THERE WILL BE MERCH O YES)

- hijinx and oxtro bonos contont

- The satisfaction of knowing yr contributing to something you believe in and, that two people whose contribution you value are sleeping a little easier because of that.


- You immediately lose £20

- You gain enough moral high ground to get righteously embroiled in internet arguments

PLZ NOTE this is a repeating subscription service, but as transient musicians we're completely unable to predict what will happen in the future.. You can cancel anytime you want and all physical commitments will be honoured. In an ideal world we think there's a big enough demographic willing to trust us that we could guarantee a stable income stream for the future and continue to Pump out Jams/offer worthy content. If for whatever reason we go wrong, or we've drastically overestimated, we'll cancel yr subscriptions when we announce 2018's game plan. Y'know, on reflection I'd say that we're stubborn enough that, actually, we would do this without you. It just wouldn't be as much fun.


What you get:

  • All the new music we make streaming instantly on your mobile device via the free Bandcamp app, and also available as a high-quality download.*
  • Exclusive access to the Yr Poetry fan community.
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      BANDCAMP AM BROWKE Apologyfaceselfie.jpg No idea... Apr 18, 2017
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      hello THE FANS. we're recording a cover of a song ... 6 comments · Apr 17, 2017
  • These back-catalog and supporter-only releases:
  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting us in a sustainable way.
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